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A Little Exercise, A Longer Life

Individuals partaking in even just a small amount of low-intensity exercise are significantly less likely to die prematurely than their sedentary counterparts, according to researchers.† The findings come from examining data from 10 previous studies of more than 36,000 older subjects.† The evidence is becoming more clear Ė stop moving, and the risk of death increases significantly.† Being sedentary 10 hours a day increased death during the close to 7-year study by 48%.† Those that pushed their sedentary lifestyle to 12 hours a day nearly tripled their risk of death during this time frame.† The good news is that researchers found that literally any level of physical activity level was beneficial.† Thus, you donít need to run a marathon or even run to reap the benefits.† Simply get up, get out and just move!

Source: BMJ 2019;366:l5051